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Internet card

Internet card

What is an Internet card?
Xalq Bank offers to purchase  Visa Internet card which is more convenient and secure for online  payments. With this card you can make online transactions for 24 hours :
·         Buy products and services from e-shops
·         Pay for utility payments
·         Pay for mobile and telephone services
·         Insurance payments
·         Cable TV payments
·         Internet providers payments
·         E-ticket and different type of reservations (car, hotel etc)
How to get Internet card?
In order to get Internet card, clients should visit any Xalq Bank’s branch to fill out an application and get the card within 2 business days.
Why to get  Internet card?
Transfer only that amount you need for online payments, it allows you to save rest of your money if fraud occurs.
Control your transactions and balance on İnternet card with SMS-Notofication and Mobile Bank services
Annual  fee -  10 AZN
Security rules
·         Internet card cannot be delivered to third parties.
·         It is recommended to use web pages where indicated Master Card Security Code and Verified by VISA symbols
·         Follow “Guide for using of Internet card” before make any transaction
·         In any case  please, contact  24 hour Customer Service  Tel.: 194 or (+994 12) 598 46 97
·         If you find out suspisous or transaction you didn’t made please report about that to the Bank within 33 days  from the date of transaction. If you missed the period the Bank will not be able to charge back your money. 
It is important to know:   
·         The card should be used only in internet, not in ATM or on POS terminal, as it doesn’t have magnetic stripe, chip or PIN code.
·         The card is valid within 1 year, renew your card if it is expired.
·         Internet card is a debit card and can not be used as a credit card with credit line.

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