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The Bank issues plastic cards to private individuals – the locals and non-residents of Azerbaijan- older 16 just upon submission of the customer’s ID document. It is possible for customers to apply both for debit or for credit cards at discretion of the future cardholder, whether the money is deposited with bank in advance or presented from the bank on credit agreement basis. The handover takes place within two days from the registry date.

The beneficiary of the card will have to sign on the paper slip on the card’s reverse side. The card comes with an envelope with a special four-digit PIN-code in it, used to handle one’s cash facilities kept on the Special card account. The PIN code will by nowise be disclosed to any side parties other than the cardholder and kept in his/her private knowledge. It is suggested to memorize the PIN numbers or to keep the code apart from the card.

In an event the card is stolen or lost, call immediately our customer service center. Tel: 598 46 97. This is required to freeze any unauthorized card transactions expected after the incident.

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