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Xalq Bank allows you to manage your card account saving time through mobile phone.
What is Mobile Bank service?
Through On time Mobile Bank operations you can manage your account and conduct the following operations:
-Check the balance of your card account.
-Report making possibility of transactions through plastic cards.
-Payments for electricity bills
-Payments for mobile operators (Azercell,Bakcell,Nar Mobile, Vodafone)
-Payments for stationar phones (AzEurotel, Aztelekom)
-Payments for Internet providers (Azeronline,ADSL,Elcell,Alfanet)
-Card-to-Card money transfer service
-Card blocking
Who can benefit from this service?
1. Service is available for cardholders of Xalq Bank who are subscribers of Azercell, Bakcell, Azerfone-vodafone mobile operators.
2. Card expiration date must not be end during service installation.
How to become Mobil Bank user?
In order to benefit from Mobil Bank service, you should:
1. Get component codes and register at ATMs of Xalq Bank
2. After, install the following midlet to your mobile phone (Available for JAVA:MİDP-2.0) (Available for Blackberry phones that connected BBM service)
3. Installing Midlet in mobile phone, use component codes to create PIN code. Enter PIN code 2 times and you will connect the service.
Note: Midlet is a program to make different operation through Mobile Bank service.
Advantages of Mobile Bank services:
- On time operations
- It is simple to connect the service. Installation does not require to change SIM card in new Mobile Bank service
- Subscribers of all mobile operators can join to this service.
-Annual fee of Mobile Bank service is 10 AZN. ( Join Mobile Bank and Internet Bank service together. Pay 15 AZN for 2 service)
-Any comission fee does not included in service refusal.
It is important to know:
-In case of lost, theft and damage of cards, the service will be put end. Reinstallation of Mobile Bank will be charge for current tariffs of
the Bank if a new card will be offered.
-In case of any problem during installation of the service, call customer service of "AzeriCard" during 24 hours. Tel: (012) 598 46 97
-All transfered information encycripted during the operation in Mobile Bank service. Midlet had been provided with PIN code for security purposes.

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