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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Uploaded images should meet requirements of Master Card International

The followings should not be in uploading images.

· The image  should not be less than 1024x768 pixel;

· Acceptable resolution  - 72 dpi;

· JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), FİLE, ext, PNG, Bmp, HD və ya Full HD formats; 

· Acceptable size -  1-3 MB ;

· If any of Ə,Ü,Ç,Ş letter are presented  in the name of image, it must be replaced  with correspondent letters in English alphabet. (it may be a reason of  problems occuring  while sending files to database and email adress)

      The following types of images can not be used  for DIZAYN Cards:

· Political, religious, watchword of worship and symbols (flags, emblems, words of anthem, other types of government and religious symbols);

· Public figures – politic, cultural, sport and art figures, different types of characters’ pictures or images (ex: cartoon characters.), sequences both from films and cartoons, images from books;    

· The Olympic symbols;

· Protected copyrights, including  images from open or confidential sources;

· Brands, advertisement materials, marks, logo and names of companies, as well as the product which expressed its trade marks and names:

· Any types of picture showing  alcohols and alcholic drinks, as well as sigars, tobacco, gambling, dice, roulette, game machines related with gambling and etc;

· Images reflecting all types of arms, millitary supplies, military uniforms and military equipements;

· Images contradicting cultural and religious values and those violating human rights;

· Images of anti-socially banned groups and events:

· Provocative, offensive, sexual (pornographic) images:

· Images which promote violence and cruelty;

· Telephone numbers and e-mails;

· Other type of images those considering unacceptable by Bank and\or Master Card International

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