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What is SMS-Notification service?
Through SMS-Notification service cardholders can obtain information about status of their card accounts without appealing ATMs and banks.This service allows to get information on each card operation during 24 hours by mobile phone. Moreover,carholder can join this service in orderto get notifications on each operations of supplementary card holder. If supplementary cardholder wants to apply SMS Notification service (based on cardholder appeal), then, only supplementary card operations will be notified by the mobile phone of an applicant.
Who can benefit from SMS-Notification service?
Service is available for Carholders of Xalqbank who are subscribers of Azercell (postpaid and pre-paid subscribers such as SimSim, Gənc Sim, Bizdən-bizə etc.)
Bakcell, Azerfon (and also Azerfon-Vodafon subscribers).
Note that, cell number has to belong SMS-Notification subscriber.
How to join SMS-Notification service?
You may join SMS-Notification service by 2 ways:
1.Visit any branch of xalq Bank and fill out an application form (after 2 days of receival of application form, service will be activated)
2.Activate SMS-Notification service through ATMs of Xalq Bank
If you want to cancell to use the service, you must fill out application form.
2 AZN (per month) service fee is applied for the service (for each card)
There is no service fee applied by mobile operators for each sending sms.
Service fee is not applied for service cancellation by mobile operators.
it is important to know:
In case of lost, theft and damage of card, service provision will be terminated.If cardholder open a new card, service will be installed to a new
Please, call customer service number (012 598 46 97), if any problem occurs during service installation process. The Customer service number is active
during 24 hours.

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