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İnternet Bank

İnternet Bank

Xalq Bank proposes a new kind of service-Internet Bank, that enables the plastic card holders to control their card accounts on-line from PC, without visiting the Bank offices.
What is Internet Bank?
Internet Bank gives You convenient opportunity to make real-time operations on your card:
·Check the balance of your card
·Have card statements for the current month
·Have card statements for the previous months
·Payments for mobile communications (Azercell, Bakcell, Nar Mobile, Azerfon-Vodafon)
·Electricity payments
·AzEvrotel, Aztelekom services payments
·Payments for Internet providers’ services (Azeronline ADSL, Elcell, Alfanet ADSL)
·Silk Way Travel services payments
·Money transfers from one card to another (Card-to-Card)
·Blocking of the card
(The list of services within Internet Bank will be widely enriched in future)
How to become Internet Bank user?
If You are the owner of Xalq Bank plastic card , You can connect to Internet Bank via broad range of Xalq Bank ATM Network  (or any ATM, serviced by Azericard prosessing center) and by computer, connected to Internet, thus avoiding visiting the Bank.
You don’t need additional software for using the system and any Internet browser is enough.  
For disconnecting from the system, You need to visit the Bank office and fill up the Request for disconnection.
Bank Tariffs
Annual subscriber fee (for each plastic card connected to the service) - 10 AZN.
(In case of subscribing of Mobil Bank the annual fee is 15 AZN)
Additional Information:
If the client doesn’t own Xalq Bank plastic card, Bank can submit the card and connect it to Internet Bank service.
In case of problems, concerning connection process client can also apply to Azericard 24/7 Customer Support by tel:
(012) 598 46 97, (012) 598 43 76 (free of charge)
From Bakcell 012 194, Nar Mobile - 194, Azercell – 194, from abroad +994 12 194 (calls are charged.)
How safe is Internet Bank system?
Internet Bank system is reliably protected:
All information in Internet Bank is encoded.
One-time passwords are applied at the system and they are valid only during the current session of the work in Internet Bank.   
Attention! Despite of the reliability of the system Security Rules, “Registration and use of the Internet Bank system Rules” must be strictly complied. Bank is not responsible for complaints from client regarding operations. All responsibility and risks are upon the client-plastic card owner.
Entrance to the system.

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