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DIZAYN Credit Card

DIZAYN Credit Card

With DIZAYN Credit Card it is easy to acquire products and services for any amount within credit limit from 500 to 15000 AZN/USD/EUR. Annual interest rate is calculated only on expended amount

General Terms and Condition

Purpose of credit line: Any Consumer Purpose
Term of the loan: 1-12 months

Depending on collateral

  • Guarantees of 2 persons (individuals or legal entities)- 28%
  • Saving deposits in Xalq Bank - 20%
  • Mortgage of real estate- 25%
Amount of credit line: 500 -15000 AZN\USD\EUR
Repayment:  Monthly repayment of APR. The total amount of credit line must be repaid at the end of term

Please refer to for more detailed information.


Key data for the calculationа
Type of loan
Loan amount (AZN\USD\EUR)
Term in months
Annual interest rate

Calculation result

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