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About DIZAYN Card

About DIZAYN Card

Xalq Bank offers new card - DIZAYN card which allows customer to customize their card with any image or photo. Just choose the image you want to see on the card and we will create your unique card.
You may upload photo of your children, family, or the best memories of your life.
DIZAYN card is MC Standard card, so you can use it for ATM and retail transactions as well as online shopping and other payments.
Create your unique card with DIZAYN card from Xalq Bank!

How to get DIZAYN Card?

If you want to obtain DIZAYN Card, enter  "Create Design"-menu section, upload a photo you like or choose the one from our image gallery, visit the nearest branch of Xalq Bank, choose your tariff package and fill up application form. It is also possible to present a photo via CD, DVD and flash card.

You can order only DIZAYN card or DIZAYN Card+ other products in packages.

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